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MyHiringBuddy is designed to help busy professionals meet the demands upon their time when hiring to their businesses. It helps those tasked with hiring to be more effective to attract, assess and engage the right talent for their business.

If you’re a hiring manager, HR professional, recruiter or business leader, MyHiringBuddy will allow you and your teams to free up their valuable time so they can focus on the other important parts of their jobs.

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Bringing expert recruitment know how together with easy-to-use tools, MyHiringBuddy is your go-to resource for great hiring!


Did you know?

  • The cost of a bad hire is one third of their first years’ earnings

  • 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

  • Diversity of thinking increases business innovation by 20%

  • A positive experience makes candidates 38% more likely to accept a job offer

  • Highly inclusive organisations generate double the cash flow per employee

This is where MyHiringBuddy can help.

Great Features

Tired of thinking up interview questions?

Use ‘MyInterviewBuilder’ and create a great suite of relevant interview questions for your vacancies within minutes

Attract the right people to your business

Enhance your capacity to hire the best talent for your business with better candidate attraction strategies.

Help managers make better hiring decisions

A host of easy-to-use resources to ensure Hiring Manager are equipped with the tools they need to hire the best people for their teams.

Create a great hiring experience

Engage and secure the talent you want and set them up for success with a great candidate and onboarding experience

Diverse, inclusive and fair hiring

Attract more diverse talent and run a fair and inclusive hiring processes

Get the expert’s views

Let industry experts guide you to the right assessment tools and recruitment technologies

Try out one of our interactive tools

Make sure your job adverts and role profiles are inclusive and appealing to attract the widest audience. The Gender Bias Decoder will analyse the language you are using and suggest changes to words which may carry a hidden implication of bias. Many words are associated with masculine or feminine stereotypes and can unconsciously influence the jobs people apply for. Try it out for free – just copy the text of your job advert into the box to see how balanced it is


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