How it Works

  • Attracting the right people for your business is incredibly important, but it also swallows up lots of time! Writing job descriptions, appealing job ads, thinking up interview questions, deciding which assessments to use, making the process inclusive ……the list goes on.
  • That’s why we created MyHiringBuddy

  • We bring all the recruitment know how you'll ever need into one place, to make your hiring life easier , quicker and better. Whether you’re a busy hiring manager, a recruiter or a HR professional, we’ll help you save time and produce great hiring results

Step One

Take a look at the resources you'll get access to on MyHiringBuddy to see if you'd like to sign up. Decide if you’ll use this on an individual, team or company wide basis and then sign up with the appropriate package to get instant access to our vast suite of expert resources. If you’re looking for larger scale access within your organisation, you can contact us to obtain a customised quote within the enterprise package.

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Step Two

Once subscribed, you’ll be able to navigate your way to the things you need support with most urgently. We categorise the whole recruitment cycle, from defining the role and candidate assessment, through to diverse and inclusive hiring and successful onboarding. So, you can easily find the support you’ll need to cover areas including:

  • Know what you’re looking for
  • Set the right sourcing strategy
  • Candidate screening & assessment
  • Diverse, Fair & Inclusive Hiring
  • Offering & Onboarding
  • Recruitment Policy & Processes
  • MyInterviewBuilder

Step Three

With this suite of resources at your finger-tips you’ll be equipped to make your company hiring experience more efficient and effective. You can download documents for ease of reference, produce appealing and inclusive job advertisements, generate great interview questions for every type of hire within minutes, and find expert advice and insight on the latest recruitment technologies and assessment techniques. The suite of resources includes:

  • Best practice guides
  • Top tips
  • Expert reviews
  • Practical interactive features

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