Take the stress out of hiring with our simple but clever systems

With our suite of resources at your finger-tips you’ll be equipped to make your company hiring experience more efficient and effective. You can download documents for ease of reference, produce appealing and inclusive job advertisements, generate great interview questions in minutes to cover all levels of hire, and find expert advice and insight on the latest recruitment technologies and assessment techniques.

Here is what you'll get access to:

  • Best practice guides to make your hiring great
  • Top tips for easy reference
  • Expert reviews to guide your choices
  • Practical interactive features to save you time.


The interview process is usually the most critical aspect of hiring. Asking the right questions and probing for relevant information are critical, but it can be a drag to keep thinking up fresh questions. With our unique tool you can quickly put together a set of suitable behavioural interview questions that are appropriate for the level and type of hire, by tapping into our extensive question bank with over 450 examples to select from. Use this again and again and save templates that work for you each time.

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Best Practice Guides

Make sure you’re taking all the right steps to attract, assess and secure the best talent for your business with our best practice guides. We’ve pooled recruitment expertise into straightforward instructional guides for each stage of the hiring lifecycle. So, no more scouring the internet to find the resources you need, you can find it all in one place and use it to tweak or build out your own hiring practises.


Top Tips

Take hiring to the next level with validated tips from industry experts. How can you make the onboarding process as good as it can be? What changes can you make to promote an inclusive and equitable hiring process? How do you make your job advertisements stand out from the crowd? MyHiringBuddy brings you the latest expertise in a way that you can easily digest it and readily implement it, to help create the most positive hiring outcomes.

Expert Reviews

Unless you happen to be a subject expert, finding the best recruitment & assessment services, tools and technologies can be a daunting task. Video interviewing, Psychometric Assessment, Applicant Tracking Systems, Pre-employment checking services…..there any many providers out there. How do you know which to explore without sitting through hours of presentations and research?! With our subject expert reviews, you’ll be better placed to find the right solution for your business



Why re-invent the wheel again and again? With a range of recruitment templates at your disposal you can follow tried and tested methods to produce reliably effective results. Whether it’s writing more effective job adverts, developing more robust role profiles or equipping hiring managers with checklists for onboarding, our templates can save you time with these repetitive tasks.

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Interactive Features

Hiring is a two way process, and as such MyHiringBuddy gives you access to interactive tools that you can rely on. Use the gender de-coder to help create inclusive job adverts and role profiles to appeal to a more diverse audience. Use MyInterviewBuilder to craft a suite of probing interview questions within minutes. Get the latest recruitment insight through our news pages, so you’re always one step ahead of the competition


Bringing expert recruitment know how together with easy-to-use tools, MyHiringBuddy is your go-to resource for great hiring!